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Distributed systems

Parallel Computing: Multiple n-Node Fault Tolerance in Torus Interconnect Parallel Systems

Designed and implemented a new fault tolerance algorithm for parallel computers with torus interconnect. It defined three major components of a fault tolerance systems namely data replication, data reconstruction and load balancing. The data replication technique proposed was able to handle multiple node failures without any general restrictions on location of the failed nodes or number of nodes failed. It maintained 3-level replication and stored the redundant data on the mirror image nodes in the system so that failure of multiple spatially closely located nodes could be handled gracefully. The algorithm was able to simulate torus interconnect even after failure of multiple nodes.

System Architecture, SOA based Management Information System (BTech Thesis)

Worked on the system design and proof of concept for the information systems of a generic administrative setup. The core consisted of System Oriented Architecture. Various departments were connected using web services and each department had its own application server and database server thread.

The Sun Systems Application Server was used and MySQL was used as database server. The web application was developed using JFace.

Document Production Workflow in an Office Environment

Worked on development of Office Workflow Management software for Linux platform. The project involved creating and maintaining Multi-part Multi-signature Document (MPMSD).


Selective Privacy in Database as a Service Model

Researched the issues of data privacy and security in using database service on the service provider site. Proposed two approaches to facilitate selective encryption in databases which can improve the response time by up to 100%. Ran a set of experiments to prove the feasibility and usability of the proposed models.


Per Time Frame Based Algorithm for Automated Testing of Sequential Circuits

Designed and implemented a new algorithm for automatic test pattern generation in sequential circuits. Test pattern generation is an NP complete problem. The proposed algorithm revisited the time frame expansion method and introduced a new N Time Frame Algorithm using a per time frame based approach instead of traditional per fault based approach. The approach further introduced importance of searching entire vector space for a single time frame and reducing the test vectors.

Ad Auction Agents and Bidding Strategies

Created a ranking algorithm and developed an agent for ad auction gaming platform. The rankings were derived from click-thru rate, bid per ad and conversion rate. The game aims at evaluating most efficient bidding strategies. Closely related to ad auctions used by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc.

Stock Price Prediction using GMDH-TMNN algorithm

Researched data mining processes for generation of price predicting model for stocks. The project was started with evaluation of mining techniques – General Multiple Regression, Markov Model, B-Spline and Decision Tree Model. GMDH- ANN algorithm based prediction model was used. The project involved statistical analysis and normalization of data, augmentation with moving averages, and development of the prediction model.


Project Synergy

Constructed a product portfolio for web based software development firm ProjectSynergy – a software provider to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of Ford motors

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