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Hive introduces dynamic partitions

by admin on August 7th, 2010

Version 0.6 onwards Hive supports dynamic partitions.

From Hive wiki:

Dynamic-partition insert (or multi-partition insert) is designed to solve this problem by dynamically determining which partitions should be created and populated while scanning the input table. This is a newly added feature that is only available from version 0.6.0 (trunk now). In the dynamic partition insert, the input column values are evaluated to determine which partition this row should be inserted into. If that partition has not been created, it will create that partition automatically. Using this feature you need only one insert statement to create and populate all necessary partitions. In addition, since there is only one insert statement, there is only one corresponding MapReduce job. This significantly improves performance and reduce the Hadoop cluster workload comparing to the multiple insert case.

Below is an example of loading data to all country partitions using one insert statement:

    FROM page_view_stg pvs
    INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE page_view PARTITION(dt='2008-06-08', country)
           SELECT pvs.viewTime, pvs.userid, pvs.page_url, pvs.referrer_url, null, null, pvs.ip,

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