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I am a computer engineer currently living in Seattle, US. I did my bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, a great place to be. That is where I learnt some of the most interesting subjects in computer science like Operating systems, Databases, Algorithms and Compilers.

Thereafter I worked at DE Shaw for 2 years. Soon enough I felt like learning more and decided to join University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for masters degree.

U of M was an important stepping stone in my life. I felt here for the first time how cool computer science can be. Every professor was in love with his or her own subject. It made me respect CS more and more, and helped me discover my own passion for some of the subjects like parallel computing and distributed computing.

This is when the story leads me to Amazon where I am currently working in Elastic Map Reduce team. My work lets me learn about and explore some of the important issues in distributed systems.

Ahh I forgot to mention my internship at Microsoft, but maybe that is a story for some other time :) .